A Bedroom For a Princess…

Hello everyone!  I’m super excited to show you what I have been working on!  My daughter’s bedroom has been a priority for me since we moved into our house this last June.  I am thrilled to finally be done with it.  It was a lot of hard work, but I enlisted the help of my Bro-In-Law, Kash, to help with the painting.  It turns out that he is quite an artist!  I changed my design plan several times before I got started and it ended up very different than what I planned, but I LOVE it!  I’m am just going to post some before and after pictures for now, but tomorrow I’ll break down all the deets.

I really wanted to give her a room that was a little more grown up, but still fit for a little girl.  She will be six this summer and her room was still very reminiscent of her nursery minus the crib.  I bought her new bedding and curtains a little while back and decided to use that for my inspiration.  The wall color was a blue/green/grey color that I didn’t hate, it just wasn’t right for a little girls bedroom.  The room was really just a hodge podge of a little of everything and was totally lacking direction.   Here are a few before photos:

You can see the bedding and the curtains that I decided to keep in this one.  My paint supplies aren’t usually there, but I always forget to take before pictures because I’m so anxious to start.

I used to hang her artwork up with clothes pins.  I liked the idea, but it really looked pretty busy.  Oh, and yes, that is a 4ft Barbie house, and yes, it has to stay.

That is just a cheap laminate armoire that houses her TV, movies, and a ton of books.  It’s not terrible, just in need of a makeover.


I think that is enough before pictures to show that the room definitely needed a makeover.

So, here is what I came up with:

I kept the origional furniture placement but added the tree and painted the armoire.  The little chair got a makeover too.

My Brother-In-Law painted the damask design on the armoire freehand.  I am so happy with how it turned out!  I have a trick for painting on laminate furniture, but more on that later.  I bought the pink fabric for the curtain and recovered some pillows for her bed.


The picture frames are supposed to look like they are hanging from the tree and the letters are her initials.

Those pictures were so easy to make!  All three cost less than $10.00.

That cute little chair was a roadside rescue and I just sprayed the legs silver and recovered it.

The bottom got some of the leftover fur from my last chair makeover.  You can read about that here.  And the top got a velvety silver and black floral pattern.  The pillow came from Hobby Lobby. 

I left her bookcase about the same, just angled it.  I was going to add some scrapbook paper to the back of it, but I pretty much just wanted to be finished at this point.  I may still do that later.

That chandelier was a $10 garage sale find that I sprayed black and added crystals to.  It looked pretty hideous when I got it, but I love how it turned out.  After all, every girl needs at least one chandelier!!

That pretty much sums it up.  Here’s one last after picture:

Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll break down the room more in my next post.  Have a great day!

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21 thoughts on “A Bedroom For a Princess…

  1. This is one of the best rooms I have seen. I have been looking for a design for my daughters room also . She wants a big girl room now that she is 11. I love the tree holding the frames. Have you used the chalkboard paint. I am wanting to try it on a smaller wall in her room for friends to draw and leave messages on.. Maybe on her door?

  2. SERIOUSLY abcdefg——thats my Grandaughter you spoke of….dont ever do that again…please.!!! love your work Amy ❤

  3. I love this bedroom! Just one question – did you paint the tree? Or is it a wall decal? I’m hoping you say it’s a wall decal and would like to tell me where you got it from 🙂

    • No, sorry, it’s handpainted. I know that there are decals out there that are pretty cool though. If you start sketching on a piece of paper, you might find that it is easier than you think. Good luck!

  4. Wow…what a transformation. That is the coolest room ever. I am super impressed. Hope you will link it up to my party that opens each Tuesday evening at 8pm EST.

  5. What color paint is on the wall? I’m looking for a color similar…but everything I find looks too blue. I would like the gray tone.

  6. Can you please tell me where you found the bedding? I am having a women that does wall murals come over next week to paint this in my daughters room! Have any idea on keeping the “girl” clutter tucked away. Please email me at danamags96@yahoo.com with bedding info.

    Thank you! Dana

  7. love the ideas on the room, so remarkably wonderful love the idea of putting in a tree and hanging her initials sooo cool she probably loves her transformed room.

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