The Last Of The Details (A Bedroom for a Princess)

Hello Everyone!  This is my last post about my daughter’s bedroom.  Thank you for all the sweet comments!  It really means so much to me.  I’ve had a few questions about the tree so I wanted to share how that came to be.   I had seen a few murals of trees and came up with my own version.  I really liked the idea of having the frames hanging from the tree, and I wanted the tree to be in the corner and branch out to both of the adjacent walls.  I wasn’t completely certain how it would look before I started, so I just got started and it fell into place from there.

 I knew I was going to need to draw it out before painting it, and since I didn’t know exactly how it was going to come together I didn’t want to use pencil or anything else that might be difficult to get off the wall.  As I was pondering the situation I ran to the garage to grab a beer  soda, and stumbled across my kids sidewalk chalk and presto! Chalk would work perfectly!

I know it is hard to see in this picture, but that is our chalk outline.  Once again I utilized the drawing skills of my Brother-In-Law, Kash, to sketch the tree onto the wall.  He sketched and I critiqued, we wiped it off and started over, and then the look that I was wanting started to emerge.  He started to fill in the branches with a small fine brush while I started on the trunk of the tree with a roller.

I knew I wanted the picture frames to look like they were hanging from a branch on the tree, so the hardest part of the whole process was just measuring out where the frames needed to hang, then making sure that the largest branch fell through that line.  Lucky for me my fabulous hubs got me a laser level for Christmas and it worked beautifully!  When the paint dried we just wiped the chalk off the wall with a soft dry cloth.  Now onto those frames….

Those are $4  8×10 frames from Wal-mart.  Nothing fancy.  I knew I wanted my daughter’s initials, I just wasn’t sure exactly how it would come together.  I honestly walked around Michaels for like an hour trying to pick out the perfect scrapbook paper.  Just when I thought I’d found the perfect thing I’d second guess myself and put it back.  I ended up leaving empty-handed.  I remembered that I had some leftover fabric from one of the pillows I recovered so I cut out pieces of fabric and put that into the frames.  Next I cut pieces of black ribbon and hot glued it to the back of each frame to get the hanging effect.  Now how was I gonna get those initials?  I don’t have a Cricut or Silhouette or any of those fancy machines that cut vinyl and paper, so I had to get creative.  I found the font I wanted and enlarged it to the approximate size, then just printed it out on cardstock through my regular ol’ computer printer.  Then I just carefully cut each one out with scissors and attached them to the fabric with a bit of elmers glue and Walla!  There you have it, three frames with initials for about $14.    Now onto that chair…

Recovering a chair is a really simple and inexpensive way to get a whole new look without a lot of work.  This chair was a rescue from an abandoned shed at a house we rented a jillion years ago when we were first married.  I wish I had a “true” before photo.  I know my husband thought I was off my rocker when I dragged that filthy thing into the house.  I gave it a quick makeover with random fabric I had and used it at our computer desk.  Here is what it looked like with its first makeover:

That is a terrible picture, but the legs were black and very chippy looking, and the seat had a floral fabric while the back was covered in leopard velvet.  (My tastes have changed over the years)  Anyway, I started by spray painting the legs with this:

If you have never seen one of those spray paint dealy-bobs on the top of the can, let me tell you, they will save your finger in a big project!  Next I just covered the seat in some of the fur that I had left over from this project.  The top of the chair got a silvery,black floral velvet.

I think about the only other thing I haven’t covered in the room is the chandelier.  If you love chandeliers as much as I do, I really encourage you to look for them at yard sales, flea markets, etc.  So many people have taken down what they think are outdated chandeliers and replaced them with more modern ones, but with a little paint and a few crystals, you can completely transform an ugly chandelier.  This beauty was a beigy, yellowy, cream number that someone had attempted to redo already.  They had painted all the little flowers pink and the leaves green.  It was a nice attempt, but it really was hideous.  I have collected crystals over the years that I have found at antique stores and flea markets, so I just adorned it with a few of those after I sprayed it black.  I did it several years ago, so I don’t have any before pictures.  It really adds elegance to her room.  I just love it!  Total cost?  About $15.

That really wraps of the details of the room.  If I could give some advice on how to do a room like this, I would have to say to not over think it.  Don’t be scared to draw and paint on your walls, and just remember that it is YOUR creation and it will turn out fabulous.  There are no rules and no way to mess up!  Have confidence and just get started.  Once you start you have to finish, right?  Let the momentum carry you through.  Ok, enough motivational speaking…One more look at the finished product:

Thanks so much for coming by and reading about my daughters bedroom!  Have a great day, and stay tuned, I’ve got another fun project up my sleeve!


5 thoughts on “The Last Of The Details (A Bedroom for a Princess)

  1. That is like my dream room! I am moving in 3 weeks and i want to re-do my room!Could you please give suggestions-hers some stuff about me -i am a favorite color is purple,and i want my room to be neat but when my friends walk in they know its mine!Thanks.

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