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I Love a Black Door….

Hello everyone!  I am in the process of finishing up a pretty big project right now so stay tuned for the big reveal (hopefully tomorrow!)  Today I wanted to talk about a project I did a little while back.  I, like many of you, have fallen in love with images that I’ve seen on Pinterest, magazines and home decor blogs.  One of my latest obsessions is black doors.  I notice them EVERYWHERE now!  I love the look of black interior doors with white trim.  It just makes the door look so rich.  Everybody has white doors.  It seems to be the only accepted color, but why??  How boring is white?  Besides, if you hate it, it’s only paint, and the best reason for painting them black?  You guessed it, it is so much easier to disguise little grubby fingerprints!

One of the first places that I fell in love with black doors was from one of my favorite bloggers Thrifty Decor Chick.  She redid a couple of doors in her kitchen eating area and they turned out fabulous!  I knew I wanted to add some drama to my kitchen eating area, so here are my new black doors:

(That trampoline won’t always be sitting right outside the door)

The color that I used was Onyx by Gliddon in a semi gloss.  At this point I got a little over zealous and decided to paint my pantry door:

Then I thought, well why stop there?  I moved on to the backside of my front door.  The front is already black so it made sense anyway, right?  Here’s how it looks now:

With all the light coming through the windows I couldn’t seem to get the picture that I wanted, so this is as good as it gets.  I do love how it looks!  Of course I wasn’t about to stop there.  I moved on to the door leading to the garage.  This door really makes sense in black.  We keep our big garbage cans and our recycling out in the garage, and it seems like there are always dirty prints on that door.   Not anymore! Here it is:

And I finished it up with one last door, the backside of the door to the garage.  It is the hardest to keep clean by far!  In the future I decided that I’m gonna do something fun with that door, like vinyl that says, Honey you’re home!!  Or something fun that my hubs will see every time he gets home from work.  I’m sure he would rather have one of those big fathead things to greet him.  Something like this:

 Ya, that’s probably not gonna happen.  It would be kind of funny though.   Here is that door from the garage:

And yes, that is a bottle opener with a custom-made cap catcher, hand crafted by my husband there to the right.   So what do you think of black doors?  I’m pretty happy with them!  Thanks for stopping by!