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A couple of furry chairs…

Hello everyone!  I am super excited about my latest project.  I was given two awesome chairs by my dear Aunt Neva this past July for my birthday.  They were something that she was storing in her shop because she didn’t feel she had room for them in her house any longer.  I wish I would have taken a true before photo, but I wasn’t blogging when I started on them.  When I received them they were a deep green velvet color with dark wood legs.  They certainly weren’t bad to begin with, but I was looking for something that fit better with my decor.  My mother in law suggested that we spray paint them an ivory color.   So we did…. and they turned out alright.  But, just alright.  I wanted something amazing, and the paint made them a little stiff for my liking, and they still had undertones of green.  Here is the best before pic that I got.  This was after spray painting:

I tried to pull back some of the fabric to expose the original color:

You can tell how stiff the velvet had gotten too.  I started looking through photos of chairs to get some inspiration, because they are just way too cool of chairs for me not to love them.  I settled on Mongolian fur.  I mean, who doesn’t love a little fur, right?  I’ve got little bits of it all over the house, and my favorite is definitely Mongolian fur because it is long and thick and kinda curly.  Finding someone who sells Mongolian fur is another story….I had to order it online, and it was more expensive than I’d like to mention.  I also decided that the legs needed to change from the ivory color I painted them previously to a shiny metallic silver.  Here they are  in ivory :

I spray painted them in my booth  yard, on top of a piece of cardboard.

I used Krylon matte aluminum for the silver and just sprayed right onto the legs, not caring if the fabric got hit, since I was going to be recovering them anyway.

I love the color they turned out!  I didn’t want them to look perfectly shiny and smooth, and they didn’t turn out that way either.  There are a few imperfections and I like it that way.   I decided that I would attempt to staple the fur onto the bottom of the chair with a staple gun, but that quickly flew out the window.  The existing fabric was too thick to work with the staple gun I had, so I fell back on Old Faithful, my trusty glue gun.  Here’s a look at all the tools I was using:

Here is a look at the fur before I started.  This was an extremely messy project!  We had fur everywhere, but it cleaned up pretty easily.

I measured the base of the chair and added a few inches before I cut.  Then I just started gluing the fur onto the underside of the front and pulling it tight toward the back and the sides like so:

The best part about this project is how forgiving the fur is!  Trust me, there is no perfection in this project!   All of that long curly fur hides everything!  You can’t even see any of my seams.  I am so pleased with how it turned out:

Thank you for reading about my fun little project!  Have you made anything awesome lately?  I would love to hear about it 🙂