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A Wine Chalkboard

Hello everyone!  I posted a little something yesterday about a favorite restaurant of mine that was closing its doors.  The Mona Lisa was a local fondue restaurant and had some special memories for me and my husband.  I was very sad to hear that it was closing, but excited to hear that they would be auctioning off all of their possessions including fondue equipment, furniture, and decor.  So yesterday a friend of mine and I spent the entire afternoon amidst the craziness of this auction.  There were some really fun finds, and today I am blogging about my favorite find of the day.  The funny thing is that it was completely free!  It was hanging in the kitchen by one screw, and had definitely seen better days.  It was more than likely a gift from a wine vendor that had been tacked up in the kitchen.  The auctioneers had deemed it trash and couldn’t care less that I wanted it.  Here it is, right off the restaurant wall:

Isn’t it fabulous?  How could it be free???   I was so excited and immediately envisioned myself framing it out for my kitchen.  I love chalkboards anyway, and this one with all of its imperfections just couldn’t get any better.  Later in the day I scored this:

I realize that some of you may think this is a pretty picture, but it just wasn’t my style.  My mind was immediately on that chalkboard.  I bought this picture and a beautiful gigantic framed mirror for $20.00.  More about the mirror later….Anyway, I got it home and started to disassemble the picture:

First I removed the paper from the back and exposed the staples that held the mat and glass in place.  Next I carefully removed the staples using needle nose pliers.  The reason I stress the word carefully is because I have broken glass doing this sort of thing before.

Once the staples were all out, I removed the mat, the picture and the glass and was left with an empty frame.  Next I took it to my booth yard, and spray painted it white.

Then I was left with this:

Now on to the fun part.  I turned the frame over and just centered the chalkboard onto the back of it.  This is where I get real creative errr, impatient.   I didn’t want to take the time to figure out exactly the best way to attach the chalkboard to the frame, and I didn’t want to get out the tools to cut it down to size either, so when all else fails, use duct tape.  I just taped the chalkboard directly to the frame and did several layers to reinforce it.

Once that was done I hung it up:


I liked it, but I kinda thought it was missing something.  Soooooo I added a little bling, and here is my finished product:

I am very pleased with how it turned out!  I love that it is imperfect, I love that I made it, and most of all, I love that it came from a place that holds special memories for me!  Thanks so much for stopping by!