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Horizontal Stripes = Huge Impact!!

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  It was a good one for us, just busy.  I started the weekend helping out a friend with a bedroom makeover for  her daughter, and ended the weekend with a little project of my own.  The bedroom project still needs the finishing touches and some touch up, so I’m not ready for that reveal yet, but I’ll show you what I did at my house:

I painted stripes!!

This is the hallway that you see when you come in through the garage door.  This is where we keep coats, backpacks, etc.   At the end of the hall is our laundry room.   That room could use a makeover, but the inspiration hasn’t hit me yet.  Here are a couple more pics:

 In this picture I am standing in the laundry room, and that is the powder room off to the left.

Now for the details…There is definitely a “right” and a “wrong” way to do stripes.  Especially if you have a textured wall, which most people I know do.  The texture is the bumpy stuff that looks like an orange peel on the wall.  I think that textured walls are more popular on the western side of the US as compared to the midwest and east coast.  My in-laws live in Ohio, and their walls have very little texture.  They are almost completely flat.  It’s interesting that there would be differences like that throughout the US, but oddly enough there are many differences in home styles and architecture.  Maybe someday I’ll do some research on that.  Hmmm….Anyway, what was I saying?  So here is what we started with:

The wall was plain with some hooks that I found at Hobby Lobby a while back.    Here is the wall on the other side of the entrance to the kitchen:

My awesome hubs almost always does the taping for me when I paint.  He makes it look so easy!  I also recommend using Frog Tape too.

The blue painters tape works, but I have had much better results with this stuff.  It is a little more expensive, but in my experience it has been worth it.

The first step is to take the height of your wall and divide by how many stripes you want.  I have found that fewer, wider stripes look less busy.  My wall is 9ft, so I decided that it would be easy to just do nine stripes, 12inches each.  I took in to account the baseboard, which is about 5.5 inches, which left me at about 11.4 inches each.  You ALWAYS want to do an odd number of stripes!  The reason is because your baseboard is white, and your ceiling is white (usually) and that way the colored stripes aren’t touching the baseboard or ceiling.  It is hard to explain why, but take my word for it, it just looks better that way, and it is easier.  So start by painting your wall your base color.  In my case, I already really liked my base color, so that was a major step that I could skip.  It is a creamy beige color, so I chose white for my stripes.  I actually used the last of the “oops” paint that I bought to do my armoire.  If you missed that post, you can read about it here.  You just want to make sure that if your base paint is a semigloss, than your stripes should be a semi gloss also.   So here are my taped off stripes:

You might notice that some stripes appear larger than others.  That is because  your tape is on the inside of the stripe that is staying your base color.  Does that make sense?  Also, my hubs used my handy dandy laser level to get these stripes perfectly level.  It is a life saver I tell ya!  I need to contact Black and Decker and let them know how much I advertise that darn laser level.  Anyway, now onto the crucial part.  Mark the stripes that are going white (or whatever color you’re using) with a W.  It can get a bit confusing.  Next, take the base color (in my case beige) and paint along the inside of the stripes labeled with the W.

The reason you do this is because no matter how good you tape, some of your paint will bleed.  By painting with the base color just along the tape line, the color that will bleed will be the base color, and you’ll never notice it.   It will create a seal, and once it dries you can paint your white over the top and none of the white will bleed.   I learned this after much research and blog reading etc.  My first stripe project was at my last house and it was a stripe FAIL.  The colors bled and the more we tried to fix them the worse it got…..I plan to do a post all about my last house and you’ll see what I mean.

I rolled the white on with a roller and used a small angled brush to get really good in the corners and along the tape.  I used about three coats of white.  When the paint was almost but not quite dry, I peeled off the tape.  I’ve heard horror stories about peeling the tape the next day and taking some of the paint with it, so remove it before the paint is completely dried.  And here are my perfect stripes!

I couldn’t seem to take a decent picture close up, but trust me, they didn’t bleed AT ALL!! I just love them. They really dress up the area. I switched out the mirror for a more ornate one that I got at the Mona Lisa auction, and hung my hooks back up.  Here is another look at the before and after:


Are you bold enough to try stripes?  Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for coming by!